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Twitter could lose legal protection in India

Ndubuisi Ekekwe Actively Joins Twitter; Account is ndekekwe - Tekedia

Twitter could lose legal protection in India for its apparent failure to comply with new government rules. Yes, the platform may no longer be immune from prosecution over users’ posts, reports suggest. (Quarz)

India’s technology minister said on Tuesday that Twitter Inc had deliberately defied and failed to comply with the country’s new IT rules, which became effective in late May.

The new rules or the so-called Intermediary Guidelines, announced in February, are aimed at regulating content on social media firms such as Facebook (FB.O), its WhatsApp messenger and Twitter, making them more accountable to legal requests for swift removal of posts and sharing details on the originators of messages

Is this not Hard Regulation, and rather than take a post down which don't violate Twitter but the nation law be flag and reported to the Regulatory bodies?

Can you explain further, please?