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Uber and Lyft Win BIG

US Federal Government Awards Ride-hailing Contracts to Uber and Lyft

This is a really big deal for Uber and Lyft: the United States government has awarded them about $810 million contract to make it easier to transport federal workers and contractors. When you can onboard a government, good things typically happen.

“The expansion of our customer base to include government is a natural next step for us, and we’re proud to help federal agencies tackle some of the biggest administrative challenges they face,” Ronnie Gurion, global head of Uber for Business, said in a statement.

Watch out - Rwanda is most likely going to copy this model. Magically, highly underutilized government vehicular assets could be frozen. Would not be a bad move for Nigeria, but with local operators though.

Yes its a big big win for Uber and Lyft.  $810 million contract is big for improving transport federal workers and contractors condition.