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Uber Digs Deeper for Profitability - 350 Jobs Cut

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Uber’s cost-cutting measures continue: The company is clearly laser-focused on trying to get to a point where it’s profitable — or at least where it isn’t burning cash quite so quickly. The company is laying off 350 more employees, with cuts coming across Eats, its ATG autonomous business, performance marketing, recruiting and more. (Techcrunch).

Uber has just laid off around 350 employees across a variety of teams within the organization, marking what the company says is its third and final phase of layoffs of the process it began earlier this year, Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi said to employees today in an email obtained by TechCrunch (full email below). Those affected include employees from Eats, performance marketing, Advanced Technologies Group and recruiting, as well as various teams within the global rides and platform departments. Some employees have also been asked to relocate.

This is what going public does. Uber's stock has underperformed since it went public. To remain for the future, it has to be making money. This is part of the roadmap.

I am of the view this may be a panacea to her dwindling image. With little I have read about the company, I think her major problems are lack of ownership spirit by employees, wide disconnection of the business strategic vision from employees personal goal and obvious ignorance of the business core values by employees. The HR system must have been faulty abinitio and a comprehensive review should be considered as well.

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On Uber, we can all agree that it is hard to change the world, even when it involves moving people. In this company, investors have lost $billions. Uber is not having a great year.

Expanding too fast has its own unique pitfalls; first, is the hustle to meet up projected revenue and secondly, to maximize the wealth of shareholders.

This is the case with Google, as they make revenue windfalls every year, but shareholder expectations continue to drive them farther from their vision - which is providing ultimate user experience. Now they literally shove ads in their users' throats which ruins their browsing experience, almost always.

I learnt a lesson - make maximum profit from business, but do not be distracted from your mission.