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Untold Consequences of Trade War – US Is Inspiring China

In this piece, Global Contracting expert Adebayo Adeleke (a Tekedia Mini-MBA Faculty) examines the recent U.S. playbook on Huawei. He takes a look at the core elements which the United States has wagered on the Chinese tech giant. The expert notes that the U.S. has given China all the motivation it needs to go BIG. 

As President Trump was closing his pen after signing the recent machinery and equipment ban against Huawei on critical semiconductors supply chain, China released additional $2.2 billion to its homegrown semiconductor company - Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp (SMIC). That brings the total publicly disclosed war chest to $6.5 billion. Add the other $21 billion for advanced manufacturing China has already made available, you will see that the U.S. will have to dig deeper to stop China.

This is a beautiful read on logistics and supply chain. Mr Adekele’s videos, excess of 3 hours on Global Contracting, Negotiating and Supply Chain are in the Board.