Free Google+ Invitation for tekedia followers

It is no news that Google is testing the Google+ platform and that Google has temporarily suspended signup due to monstrous request…


Get a free Google+ invitation and decide if you will go the facebook way or Google+ way


Interested people can drop their mail addresses. Once you get invitation, just click the learn more about Google+ button to join.


Editor’s Note: We have received monstrous emails from all over the world on this. We need to get to the author to be sure he meant that you should add your email in Google plus website. Unless he has information we do not have, that happens all the time, Tekedia does not think he is saying that he, the author, can send you an IV. Please we want to be clear. Of course, the author will be here tomorrow to answer your questions. It is night in Lagos people. You may hold off the emailing of your emails. We sincerely beg you because Tekedia does not know what the promise is.


Nonetheless, the author was  among the first that wrote one of the most comprehensive reports on Google + and compared that to Facebook. That post since it was posted  remains the top pageviews here. He may have insights we do not have and please wait for him. Thank you.

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