From Cash Spraying to QR Crowdfunding – Simple Innovation [Video]

From Cash Spraying to QR Crowdfunding – Simple Innovation [Video]

This is innovation – point your phone on the QR code and confirm that payment. In the age of Covid-19, spraying cash is a bad idea. So, let the dancer hold a “gift me here”, and if you have money to give, use your phone.

Ladies and Gentlemen, what is product innovation? It is simply fixing market frictions by combining factors of production in ways that maximize their values, resulting in exceptional cost efficiency and derivable value. It is not the sophistication of the product that matters,, but the utilization derivable when benchmarking on cost.

That signpost is purely amazing as the lady can scale her gifts rapidly. And you know what? You do not have to attend that party before you can give a gift. Simply point your phone to the signpost and you can keep gifting her!

Now, over to the Central Bank of Nigeria which banned spraying cash. Now that we have moved to QR code, do we expect a notice?



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