Geoidtel Is Driving Broadband Cost Down In West Africa Via VSAT

Geoid Telecommunications is the home of Africa’s affordable broadband internet connections via VSAT. At Geoidtel, the world is brought to your doorstep by offering you access to world-class internet services at rock-bottom prices.


Geoidtel is a Telecommunication company offering a range of satellite based access services customized for small, medium and large commercial and public enterprises.


Geoidtel brings together a combination of global expertise, infrastructure and financial resources, to emerge as a leading Telecommunication company with a focused commitment on meeting and exceeding expectations of the country and the World at large.


Geoidtel has forged a strategic alliance with multi-million dollar global companies, including Hughes; one of the world’s largest in satellite communications; in USA.


In order to bring world-class services that are reliable, dependable, available and cost effective. we have also partnered with Comtech EFData and New WorldSkies Satellite service provider base in USA and Netherlands respectively to add to the dream in bringing easy and fast satellite based broadband internet services to Africa where other three billion people are in great need of our type of product and services.

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