Growing During Pandemic – Amazing Zido Logistics

Growing During Pandemic – Amazing Zido Logistics

The last quarter business reports are arriving – I receive close to 25 every quarter as I have interests in about that number in Africa, UK, Germany and U.S. I spent 90 minutes with the CEO of Zido Logistics this evening, to discuss metrics. He grew all key numbers during this pandemic. 

Certainly I cannot tell you the reasons but I am extremely impressed by his awareness to get all necessary documents on time for easy passage of our trucks, buses, etc. Then, his decision to move cargoes along with FREE hand sanitizers, gloves, etc was a genius call. 

With focus on health and safety of workers, partners, and law enforcement, he picked market share (for Tekedia Mini-MBA participants, that is our last factor in the Week 9’s Playbook during pandemic). I wish I could show you a video of a truck driver giving hand sanitizers to policemen, reminding them to sanitize after inspecting papers!

Simple things – following a playbook you make law enforcement friends, show customers you care about safety, and numbers take care of themselves. Well done Sam. You will be speaking in the Tekedia Founders Series which we are launching in the coming days online.

Zido distributes hand sanitizers




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