Hi Inc Is Transforming Travel and Hospitality Customer Experiences

Hi Inc Is Transforming Travel and Hospitality Customer Experiences

By Nnamdi Odumody

Hi Inc is creating the world’s most rewarding travel and tourism platform to connect travelers, hotels and destinations. Its aim is to reduce the frictions in the travel and hospitality industry by providing smart personalized services for its customers. They have three major areas of focus which include:

Hotels: They offer their hotel partners an integrated solution which encompasses marketing, distribution, smart devices for hotel properties and data driven intelligence, helping them reduce operating costs, and make better decisions which ultimately elevates their customer experiences.

Destinations: It provides consumer and partner facing initiatives which target travelers whilst they are in destination. This includes content, services, partner solutions, ticketing, tourism solutions and advertising.

Devices: Through provision of smart devices like ’’Handy’’ the innovative complimentary guest amenity which when implemented as an in-room solution, through its hotel partners, combines the functionality of a personal smartphone and a hotel in-room phone service, into one integrated device, offering guests free internet connectivity, localized content, services and in destination offers. Handy provides all in one controls to personalize room lighting, temperature, curtains, room service requests and entertainment systems while its integration with leading hotel lock systems enables instant access to hotel rooms using Bluetooth LE technology. Also guests have complimentary access to hotel information, city guides, attractions and special offers to make their stay more rewarding and digitized hotel services which are hassle-free with seamless in room services, bill to room features, and express checkout.

Another game-changing device from them is the ‘’Handy Smart Dock’’ which is the world’s first in room voice assistant and hub offering better hotel room experience with high quality Bluetooth speaker, stronger Wi-fi and smartphone functionality. The smart hub has the ability to connect with multiple devices, in room controls, and hotel services all in one place for easy access. It delivers sophisticated voice control powered by Amazon’s Alexa, easy access to hotel services, as well as the features of the Handy smartphone.

Hi Inc is transforming the travel and hospitality industry from mass consumerism to an intelligent personalized one. Time for Nigerian hoteliers to examine how they can elevate the customer experiences by incorporating some of the innovations therein.

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