How Copywriting Can Increase Your Sales Result by 100%

How Copywriting Can Increase Your Sales Result by 100%

What I am about to teach you is one of the kept secrets of sales.

I believe that you should know that sales is what determines your business’ bottom line.

The reason why you need this article is because it contains a secret that will help to raise your sales performance.

It was an afternoon morning in the city of Abuja, Nigeria. I had an appointment in one of the banks in Wuse, Abuja.

While I was on my way to the meeting, I ran into a very young man, like myself.

This young man is a small business owner, and he is into the food business. But he has been selling one type of food (moi moi) for the past 7 years.

We started discussing his business. He said , things are not easy , that he has been making losses and always sleep hungry.

Then, I responded this way. You can’t be doing one thing in this same way for many years and expect change.

I proceeded, for you to succeed in this business, learn to sell to the people that can buy.

When you have done that, add other food products that sell very well to your business, don’t just sell one food product.

He looked at me and smiled. Then he asked this question; what is your name. I responded, my name is Progress Ibrahim.

He said  that is a lovely name. I gave him my contact and we both parted.

What I want you to draw from this incidence is that business is all about superior strategies, because strategies are more effective than hard work.

In this article, I shall teach you one of the best sales secrets called Copywriting.

 This is a strategy that can increase your sales result in unimaginable ways.

Are you ready? Yes you are.

What is Copywriting?

I want you to understand this concept very well, before I dive deep into the main part of the concept.

Copywriting is the art and science of the use of words to persuade prospects in such a way that they will convert to buyers.

Online unlocks sales opportunities

According to Dan Lock, copywriting is sales in print.

Here is my definition, copywriting is the art and science of the conversion words into money for businesses and brands.

Yes, from the two definitions, copy writing is all about selling. 

The alpha and omega of copywriting is sales. If there are no sales, then there is no copywriting.

It is a sales strategy that multiplies sales results through writing, by an impressive factor.

Every strategic and effective advert is copywriting in a disguise.

You may be asking this question. Why is copywriting so an effective sales strategy? The answer to this question will excite you. Stay with me.

Why is copywriting one of the most effective sales strategies?

Professional copywriters are gold. 

Entrepreneurs look for them to drive their marketing performance and conversion rate. 

Here are the reasons why copywriting is very effective. 

  • Copywriters Understands The Target Market:

Copywriters understand one thing in sales, which is marketing is all about the market target and communication. 

They understand that for a marketing campaign to be effective, you have to address the core desire and core problem of the target market.

Copywriters are very detailed professionals. 

They ensure they find out what the most important desires and needs of the prospect are. When they discover them, they leverage them for their work.

  • They Understand The Product:

They know your product from A-Z.  A good copywriter may likely know your product more than you. 

This knowledge is needed for them to connect the dots between the core desires of the market target and the product.

You know, every product is a solution designed to solve certain problems

  • They Leverage Human Emotion:

A very important strategy in copywriting is human psychology. Copywriters know what influences human emotions. They know what you will do in certain situations. 

Copywriters know that human beings are emotionally wired, as such their buying decisions are always influenced by emotions. 

Why do you buy the iPhone 12 instead of the Techno Spark?

So, they use their knowledge of human psychology to make many people buy what they need or what they should buy.

  • They Leverage Human Logic.

Human purchasing decisions are 80% emotional and 20% logical. 

Hence, professional copywriters combine reasons with psychology in writing copies that will bring in sales.

If you say Tesla model X will take me to the White House and people will admire me, then justify how it will happen.

Most times, some humans want to know the reason for buying what they are about to buy.

These are just a few reasons why copywriting is one of the most effective marketing and sales strategies you need to grow your business and brands.

Now, go and use this information to grow your business.

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