How to Battle the Dilemma of Accepting or Rejecting Job Offers

How to Battle the Dilemma of Accepting or Rejecting Job Offers

Sometimes job seekers, especially the freelancers, are caught between deciding to accept a job and deciding to turn it down. They usually find themselves in this crossroad because they wonder if the offer dangling before them will prevent them from accepting better ones, if they come. This dilemma can happen to both professionals and rookies. In other words, being in a job for a long time does not guarantee that you will know how to handle this dilemma when it comes. However, there are certain factors that professionals consider that rookies are yet to learn.

When I was still in secondary school, my mom’s friend and colleague complained that she finds it difficult to pick a commercial motorcycle, aka okada, to her home. She said it was most difficult in the afternoon when she is going home from work because okada men at that period do not want to negotiate prices.

One day, I went to her house around 5pm for an errand. Honestly, it was difficult finding a bike that will take me to her compound at the amount I could afford. Somehow the commercial cyclists doubled or even tripled their fares. When I finally got one that “pitied me” and conveyed me to my mother’s friend’s house, I asked the man why okada riders prefer going empty to accepting the amount I offered.

The man replied, “At this time of the day, it is better to go empty with the hope of finding someone that will pay you higher, than accepting someone with lower pay and missing out the big offers.”

I think his answer explains it all.

Like mentioned earlier, freelancers are sometimes torn between accepting offers they saw and waiting for better ones they are not sure when it will come. They may pick up jobs only for better ones to show up immediately. This is most painful when they couldn’t do the two jobs simultaneously. But then, they may also decide to leave the offer they came only to end up without a job for a long time. This is truly a difficult situation if you ask me.

Some people may say someone’s luck will decide for him, while others may advise that the person takes whatever that comes his way first because that is the one destined for him. But if you ask me, I’ll say that knowing what to do in a situation like this requires that the person focuses on some simple but important factors.

Study How the System Works

Every system has a way it works. The okada rider already knows when there will be more passengers and when the rush will ease up. The thing here is that, if you study the system, you will be able to tell when you can get better offers if you reject the ones you don’t feel comfortable with. Not understanding the system can lead you to turn down the offer that may be the only one that will come your way in a long time.

Ease of Work

There are some jobs that are stress-laden. The thought of doing the job alone makes your heart skip and beat faster. Some people may decide to pick this type of job because it came with a good pay or because they want to gather experiences. That is ok but they should remember that freelancers are seen as experts and that making mistakes may cost them a lot. What I’m trying to state here is that sometimes it is good to accept jobs that you can do easily. For instance, if the job is not going to pay so well, but you won’t encounter difficulties doing it, you can pick it because if another one comes, you can also easily do the two jobs simultaneously.

Cost of Production

Some freelancers accept jobs that eat deep into the negotiated pay. Most of them that do this will tell you it’s better than nothing. But the truth is that the person worked for nothing and he did deny himself the opportunities to pick up another one. But it will make you fulfilled to pick up this kind of job, no problem.

Time Factor

Sometimes freelancers are tempted to accept good paying jobs that came at an unsuitable time. For instance, we have heard stories of men transacting businesses during their weddings. This may sound hilarious and fake but it happens because I know a man that transacted a business at his wife and children’s burial. He was seen by some relatives when he hid to receive calls and give directions on how the merchandise in his shop should be sold. That was an example of someone accepting job offers at an unsuitable time. Jobs like this can be rejected so that you can have peace of mind.

Have other Arrangements

It is necessary to have back-up plans when you freelance. For instance, the okada rider may have other things he’s doing that will sustain him if he doesn’t meet his daily target. This means that freelancers should have other things they’re into so that if one doesn’t pay, the other one does.

Being a freelancer is hard enough, there’s no need to be caught up in jobs that won’t pay you well and still steal away your resources. But all the same, as you contemplate accepting or rejecting that offer, consider the mentioned factors as well.

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One thought on “How to Battle the Dilemma of Accepting or Rejecting Job Offers

  1. Beautiful piece.

    However, I do not go down well with the narration of someone doing a business transaction at a burial.

    Business is life for some people. How will he foot his bills without going the extra mile?

    This could also be avoided by putting the right infrastructure in place to avoided being called at odd times. Scaling is hard ball, but it can be achieved.


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