I Met US Former Vice Presisent VP Al Gore And Asked Him A Question. His Respone and My Technology Answer

In a conversation, Feb 12, 2010, at TED 2010 in an early morning breakfast, I asked United States Senator & VP Al Gore  a question on the implications of global climate acts if energy MNCs (multinational corporations) fail to respect them in developing nations like Nigeria where many MNCs continue to pollute the environment despite decades of environmental laws. I explained the ambiguity of trusting the United States to lead the world on global climate protection since it has become evident that what matters is what happens in the United States and not anywhere else.

These firms do in Nigeria what cannot be done in Texas because they see the world from two lenses. Because of their influences, they manipulate Africa’s political class and overrun a weak judicial system. And they get away from environmental justice. So why bother over global warming?

The ecosystem is interconnected. If the United States and Europe secure their skies and Nigeria continues to allow gas flaring, the world is not safe indeed because ecological forces could make its impacts extend beyond the shores of Nigeria.

In his response, the Senator apologized to me. He was genuine in his words on the activities of these MNCs like Shell, ChevronTexaco, Mobil (or whatever is the new concatenation).He proposed some ways he could help.

I left that breakfast with a mindset that I will create a technology that will measure all the CO2 in Niger Delta. That technology is available from Fasmicro store to any state or LGA that wants one. With this technology, you capture, store and plot all the CO2 in the air and even send them to the cellphones of the governors if they are in denial.

Back to the breakfast – it was an invitation only breakfast conversation in TED 2010 at Long Beach, California. It took place in Westin Hotel on Feb 12, 2010.

Author: Ndubuisi Ekekwe

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