I Received a Special Phone Call – Director of Strategy, A Nigerian Party

I Received a Special Phone Call – Director of Strategy, A Nigerian Party

My blog crashed [now back up]. I was not happy because writing is part of my daily routine. Every day I commit 45-60 minutes to Tekedia and LinkedIn. Connecting with the community is part of the business.  As the techies worked to fix the issue, I received a call on one of the articles I had written few days ago. It was the one where I shared my inaugural speech as the President of LinkedIn Nation [hypothetical nation but anyone that read the piece would know that we were talking of Nigeria].

To build a nation, I present these pillars. I invite you to come and join this government. We will make our nation the finest where all men and women will come to cherish.

Pillar 1 – Corruption & Business Reform: We will build a corruption-free nation where it would be extremely impossible to perpetuate corruption because technology will make things obviously transparent. All government systems must be structured to be corruption-resilient so that people that want to perpetuate corruption will fail. We will publish any government expense that is more than N10 million in a web diary which all citizens will have access to. This applies to all levels in the federal government, from ministries to agencies. For national security reasons, a segment will be available to the civil society and accredited press team. Our government will improve business systems and make doing business in our nation easier.

The Call was from a political party. They wanted more insights and perspectives. And then they wanted exclusive ones. I explained that they could lift the published ideas – nothing big there. However, nothing exclusive would come from me: I write for everyone to read but to no one, politically.

The interesting part: join us to become a Director of Strategy. I smiled. Yes, among others, I would have in my CV another role – Director Strategy for a political party. I did not accept. I do not want to join any partisan club now. I want to join the party of all Nigerians where all the clubs belong.

I have learnt one thing since I started blogging: part of our problem has to do with visioning capabilities at different levels of government. You may think the state is not executing as expected. But you have not examined if the state leaders have the capacities to think Big. Yes, you expect someone to offer what he cannot technically offer. That will not happen.

Before we assume those positions, the best we can do is to share. I am very happy that many of our leaders are reading. Let us make Nigeria a nation of ideas.


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