IBM Digital – Nation Africa (D-NA): Free Education

IBM Digital – Nation Africa (D-NA): Free Education

This from IBM – one of my subsidiaries is an IBM PartnerWorld member.

Dear Partner,

As part of IBM’s on-going strategy to invest in local skills, we have launched IBM Digital – Nation Africa (D – NA), our free, self-paced learning and enablement platform that sparks innovation, and supports the new kinds of careers needed for a 21st century workforce in Africa. The D – NA program is aimed at enabling African citizens, entrepreneurs, and communities with the knowledge and tools to innovate, design, develop, and launch their own digital solutions.

At IBM, we believe our role is to be an enabler of digital skills development across the continent and the Digital – Nation Africa program is in response to our commitment for the socio-economic development of the continent.

What’s the program about?

The D – NA program has been designed with the African millennial (Afrilennial) in mind. Each person, community or business will have different needs with respect to acquiring digital skills. To accommodate this D – NA has three environments through which the user can journey through. The “explorer” environment provides the user with an insight to the key emerging technologies such as cloud, AI, Data Science, IoT, blockchain and much more. The “innovator” environment is designed to help accelerate innovation and bring ideas to life and finally the “new collar” environment helps African youth align their skills to the requirements of the job market and get one step closer to their dream tech job.

The D-NA platform will be continually enhanced to include new courses and experiences. The platform is designed to help address the needs of the new digital world and provide new opportunities to the youth of Africa. D – NA includes a range of self-assessment tests for the individuals to validate their knowledge, together with industry recognized ‘Digital Badges’ that are awarded based on passing (80%) the associated test. Each achievement on the platform is represented by an IBM Digital Badge, which provides verified proof of the individual’s skills and knowledge together with the exact process necessary to earn them.

We are partnering with Africa’s governments, NGOs, academic institutions, industry and others for the enablement of D – NA across Africa. The response so far has been extremely positive.

As a strategic business partner we are also calling on your help to register explore and promote the IBM Digital – Nation Africa program. To access the program you simply register on the website

We invite you to share the D – NA program with your colleagues and networks that can benefit from our flagship, free digital education in Africa.

We’re calling on your support to be an ambassador for D – NA, a program that we believe can have a significant impact on Africa’s socio-economic development and future success.

To provide further information and to give you collateral to promote the program with your networks, we have attached D – NA communication materials.

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