Innoson Motors’ Ride-Hailing Business Requires Drivers With Min of OND

Innoson Motors’ Ride-Hailing Business Requires Drivers With Min of OND

Innoson Motors requires a minimum of OND for any person to join its ride-hailing business as a driver. And the person must be tech-savvy with a good operational usage of smartphones. Essentially, they do not see the IVM Cruise as just moving people from one location to another; they seem to consider these drivers as representing the Innoson brands.

If not, if the government has given a secondary school graduate a driving license, that should expectedly do. But here, Innoson wants that extra level of development of at least an OND to connect future buyers to its brand, via a more professional engagement which possibly someone with OND is expected to offer, over someone whose highest education is secondary school certificate.

Innoson Vehicle Motors launches its brand of ride-hailing service, IVM Cruise, today. It begins at Enugu with other cities coming. The IVM Cruise ride-hailing service from Nigeria’s foremost vehicle manufacturing company is unique as it offers drivers, aptly named pilots, a chance of becoming owners of brand new Innoson vehicles after a period of three years in which the cost of these vehicles would have been paid.

As I have noted, this is a double play strategy to get more people to choose Innoson as they shop for vehicles. The IVM Cruise project has a good chance of driving the penetration of the brand.

Innoson Motors Launches A Ride-hailing Service, IVM Cruise


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One thought on “Innoson Motors’ Ride-Hailing Business Requires Drivers With Min of OND

  1. This alienates the core market. In one breath academic qualification matters as a driver and in the next it doesn’t as a prospective IVM vehicles customer. The double play reeks of double standards. Competence as their driver should revolve around safety and customer service issues before arbitrarily set academic bar.


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