Innovation Lesson: VR Launch of Mitsubishi Pajero Sport to Nigerians

Innovation Lesson: VR Launch of Mitsubishi Pajero Sport to Nigerians

Everyday here, we write on why companies must innovate, especially in this age of distortion from a pandemic. New business models are evolving, across markets and sectors, and firms must advance to reach customers. That takes me to something which happened a few days ago: an automobile company hosted the first-ever virtual car launch in Nigeria.  Yes, Mitsubishi Motors unveiled its Pajero Sport in the largest platform in the world, the web. If you believe that the web is unbounded and unconstrained, you will see this playbook as elegantly brilliant. There are many things we can learn from it: the limitations on the physical space should not be a constraint in our operations.

I encourage everyone to watch what this company did and how it was able to elevate immersive feelings for its customers via the web. Listen to the music, hear the thought-leadership and experience the unveiling of the car. Watching the virtual launch, you would even prefer it to the typical physical one. Simply, from here, we can learn how brands can keep their audience engaged and excited despite social distancing and limitations on movements.

More so, they virtualized their showroom, making it possible that anyone could go through the showroom in Victoria Island via their laptops and mobile phones, and experience Pajero Sport from the comfort of their homes, offices, etc.  This is 3D virtualization and a real practical example of use cases of these technologies in action. Virtual reality (VR) and many technologies went into that.

The power of technology is huge and it is amazing to see some practical use cases. If you are selling cosmetics, shoes, etc, there are things you can learn from this. I like Mitsubishi Pajero – I drive it whenever I travel out of the city in the U.S; Mitsubishi Pajero Sport is tough, reliable, and comfortable.

Today, no one needs to fight Lagos traffic as Mitsubishi Motors, embracing virtual reality as a means to engage with its target audience, has brought the showroom to phones, during this time of Covid-19 global paralysis. Watch the video, and replicate that playbook in your small business: it is the way to go.


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3 thoughts on “Innovation Lesson: VR Launch of Mitsubishi Pajero Sport to Nigerians

  1. Now they have shown some of us how to cut budget to launch an elegant product. Just retrofit your small office, and ask people of the world to hook up via the web. Even with the regular 2D, you can still deliver a great show.

    All the big hotels thing and army of journalists may have to wait, another disruption in the products unveiling space…

    1. This is the future and how technology could help a brand extend its reach. This is disintermediation where product launches are no more localized. So, you can link all parts of Nigeria at the same, via the web. It is a nice playbook.

  2. I have pajero in india SFX 2800 Dual colour , I want to replace but they r not launching in India , spare parts are very expensive, showroom service centers r not their , badly managed by Mithsubisi company where rival Toyota us doing wonder without great products.
    Sad of top management from Japan
    They killed best machine by badly held management


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