Is Investing in Bitcoin and Broad Cryptocurrency Healthy for You?

Is Investing in Bitcoin and Broad Cryptocurrency Healthy for You?

In ancestral Igbo Nation, we say “nkpari ri egbulam” [I will not die on the legal pursuit to put food on the table]. That statement is very powerful as Igbos have believed that hardwork does not kill irrespective of whatever the World Health Organization (WHO) has put across. In a recent report, WHO noticed that working 55 hours in a week can shorten lifespan through heart attack,etc.

The research found that working 55 hours or more a week was associated with a 35% higher risk of stroke and a 17% higher risk of dying from heart disease, compared with a working week of 35 to 40 hours. The study, conducted with the International Labour Organization (ILO), also showed almost three quarters of those that died as a result of working long hours were middle-aged or older men.

Often, the deaths occurred much later in life, sometimes decades later, than the long hours were worked.

But Igbos have dismissed that thinking, maintaining that if you like your work, it is also entertainment and relaxation! The fact is this, many Igbo axioms condition your mind  that hardwork does not kill! But they have a warning – “aka ojoo gara na nnu, agwo gbakwaya’ [any bad hand which goes into the rabbit burrow should be bitten by a snake]. 

On that one, they remind you that if you attempt to do something illegal as you do that work, you would be met with punishments just like a bad person looking for rabbits in the burrows should be bitten by a snake! As they always joke in Ovim, if you try to do drugs, they will catch you. If you try to do 419, they will catch you because your ancestors had sworn that any illegality should be met with punishments.

Now, if hardwork brings no sorrow, is investing in Bitcoin and broad cryptocurrency healthy for you now that they are “dem go dey pose”, oscillating like a simple pendulum?



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4 thoughts on “Is Investing in Bitcoin and Broad Cryptocurrency Healthy for You?

  1. I don’t know where WHO got its data from, and the sort of work referred to. 52 hours per week is less than nine hours of six-day working week. I hope we won’t end up raising a generation of lazy people, building a future on unearned welfare freebies will be dangerous for any society.

    As for Bitcoin and its constituents, whether rise or fall, what we cannot risk is grooming a generation who hedge their prosperity on fluctuations of digital coins, that would be a catastrophe.

    These things should be side hustles or playgrounds after you have done a good job elsewhere, they cannot be the end in themselves. We still need to produce foods, make shoes and cloths, develop and beautify the environments, advance in medicine, science and technology, reform justice systems, revolutionise education. All of these require real work, with massive commitment to industry, they cannot happen if our young people spend their youthful age watching the rise and fall of their virtual coins.

    Some things are constant, virtues of hardwork, honesty, candour, courage, integrity, goodness; they are never affected by modernism or wokeness. So the earlier we immerse kids in hardwork, the better humanity’s future.

  2. Awopetu Emmanuel · Edit

    This is more to me of mockery than consolation, well, why should we show sympathy when majority of the folks down here who run this are all criminals.

    I am aware of young folks having more than 1,000 piece of coin, each carrying $60,000 as at when it was in peak, raising the question of how on earth did they get that money- Fraud.

    Do illegal transaction and hide the money in your trust wallet, deceive yourself that the coin is here to kill inflation, what do you know about inflation, you that cheated to pass economics in WAEC, lol!

    That said, here I wrote that I was terribly ill, thank God for over 16 injections and 6 drips, only God knows what would have been said of me. While at the hospital my mom called from Lagos and was complaining, Emmanuel sheybi it’s Bit coin everybody is doing, you said you’ve been writing and you’re falling sick anyhow, why not dump writing for the coin, I laughed on my sick bed.

    I laughed because I know that deceit don’t last, and the truth is very stubborn. Yes, they ran test on me and all there was no sign of malaria symptom, and any other you could imagine, so it was STRESS, yes, STRESS.

    To think that you would rise without sweat is perfect deceit.

    Good evening.


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