Just Invested in a dPetrotech, the Fintech of Downstream Petroleum Sector

Just Invested in a dPetrotech, the Fintech of Downstream Petroleum Sector

This week, we made an investment in a fledgling Lagos-based startup in the downstream sector of the nation’s petroleum sector. The downstream petroleum sector is a latent opportunity and new technologies can bring efficiencies in the system. Like the fintech’s moment in banking, dPetrotech startups (downstream tech startups in the petroleum sector) have huge frictions to fix. We will bring Zenvus proprietary technology and engineer that future. 

Last year,  I delivered the keynotes of the two most impactful oil industry associations in Nigeria. That co-sharing and co-learning have provided new perspectives. 

I believe in the framework that the future is one of abundance, and tomorrow will be better than today. The challenges of today are opportunities for the future and as those frictions are being fixed, things will get better. Fixing those problems will go through markets – and I am a believer in markets.

I will introduce this firm next week. If you work in this sector and looking for enabling technologies, we are here (click to connect).

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