Kenyan App ‘Tell A Secret’ Goes To Nokia Ovi – Ready To Tell All ABout You

This is what they have on Nokia Ovi store


Psssstt….Would you like to read other peoples crazy secrets on love, money, or work? Do you have a secret you are dying to share with the world? Tell a secret gives you the ability to unload all that baggage….and read other peoples crazy revelations. Come on…tell a secret ! Shhhhhhhh.


But this is what the Kenya develper, By Eric Mwenda, Local Developer, has in mind


This is an app that enables users tell secrets anonymously. The secrets can be about Love/Work/Money/Others. The developer will also speak about the consumer insights that lead him to develop the app.


Together, many people seem to like the app. You too can check at Ovi store. And begin to tell your secret!

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