Lagos GIS – Buying land with peace

Government is serious business. And technology is making better. Yes, Lagos state has got a  Geographic Information System (GIS). For ordinary citizens, individual or corporate, this is a new world. You can acquire land with a higher peace of mind.

How does it work? An expert explains:

It will improve land acquisition a lot. It is also going to ease the burden of land administration also. It is going to enhance information which ordinarily you would have travelled kilometres to have. Now it will be at your fingertips. You want to buy a piece of land, you want to know the status and so on and so forth. With GIS, land information will be easy to access by you right inside your room. You can ascertain who is or was owner of the land you are interested in. You will also be able to know how many times such land has passed through how many buyers. Also, who is the current owner of the land? It is not who owns a land alone, who wants to buy a land that is supposedly under government acquisition? Even if it is under government acquisition, you can know the position you can buy and they will just ratify such a piece of land for you but there are some that are in prohibited areas, you dare not go there. Everyone wants to own a house. It is going to reduce 419 activities.

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