Lessons from Unsolicited Innoson Motors’ New Logo Proposal

Lessons from Unsolicited Innoson Motors’ New Logo Proposal

The Innoson Motors new logo design story is very interesting. And there’s a lot to learn from that exchange. It goes to show the skill and initiative trumps talent any day. First, let me share a background to the story. A twitter user who is also a graphics designer by the name Osuolale Farouq proposed a new logo he had designed for Innoson Motors. He tweeted the new logo design on his twitter handle @osuolale_farouq. Since then, the tweet received lots of positive responses and support from twitter users home and abroad. Farooq also got the attention of the chairman of Innoson Motors.

I’ve been able to pen down some points. Let’s look at them briefly.

  • Take the initiative

This boils down to ideas. What are you thinking about? What ideas are you working on? How do you plan to implement them? What problems are you thinking of solving? Farouq had to sit down to think about Innoson motors, about a better brand identity and logo for the Nigerian owned car manufacturing company. After building your skills or talents, the next step is to think of innovative ways of using your skills to proffer solutions to existing or non-existing problems. To execute this, you’ll have to initiate something. You’ll have to make the move. You’ll have to show up with the solution.

  • It can be better

Sometimes you may not hit a new idea. Getting a fresh idea may be hard. See, there are no new ideas. Your creativity or ignorance is what makes the Idea new to you or others. But you don’t have to necessarily think up a new solution. You can create a problem for a brand and proffer solutions to that problem. You can create an idea gap and proffer your Idea solution to that gap. This means that whatever you see today can be improved on. The main idea is that things can be better. That’s what Farooq did.

  • The internet is powerful

Now, a lot of young people have not come to terms with the power of the internet. They either abuse it or underutilize it. There are countless stories of hard working young men and women who have pushed their work out on the platform of the internet. There’s no excuse anymore. You don’t need anyone’s permission or approval to use the internet judiciously. Access has been democratized. Imagine that Farooq was to advertise his design on TV or newspaper for the world to see. With the internet, he was able to show his design to the world and you know what? The world saw the design. The Chairman of Innoson Motors saw the design. These happened without spending a lot of money. Just a number of retweets and boom…it’s everywhere. I love Twitter so much.

  • A good job speaks for itself

You’ll know good stuff when you see and feel it. Farooq’s design spoke for itself. People began to push for the design. They identified with his design. Some Twitter influencers couldn’t hold back their support. They had to send in their tweets and video(s). The design literally spoke for itself by attracting well meaning supporters and voices.

  • We’ve got talents

Nigeria is blessed. We refuse to be labelled by some other minor groups doing bad stuff. Nigeria got talents. A lot of young people are seriously working hard. They are skillful and talented. They have the can-do Nigerian spirit. One major challenge facing young people is an enabling environment for talents to thrive locally and globally.

  • There’s something about being the first

After Farouq proposed a new logo for Innoson and got the attention of the chairman, other designers began to put their design forward. They took the opportunity to showcase their amazing design portfolios to the world. Farouq’s design remains number 1 for me. I believe the company will adopt the new logo soon. And this speaks volumes about being the first to take initiative and do quality stuff. It becomes so hard for others to beat you.

The current logo

Only firsts are recognized. Don’t play second fiddle.

I’ll end with this thought shared by Ndubuisi Ekekwe sometime ago. He said ‘only the visible get called’ So, for you to be called, selected or chosen, you have to make yourself visible. How? The cheapest means is via the internet.

The design was so appealing that it eventually caught the attention of his target – Innoson Motors – and the car manufacturer did not withhold their acknowledgement and awe. In their response to the design, Innoson also requested a meeting with the young lad whose noble work may thrust him into fame and greater heights.

“Dear @Osuolale_farouq the attention of the Chairman/CEO of @Innosonvehicles has been called upon on your creative re-design of IVM logo. The Chairman is highly impressed and has requested for a meeting with you. Please DM to us your contact details for possible reach. Regards,” Innoson tweeted.

Show up!

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