Like Nike Said: Just Do It!

Like Nike Said: Just Do It!

By Chisom Nwosu

I cannot be the only person who has listened to motivational speeches and read Feel Good articles or books about finding one’s purpose and following one’s passion. There are a million and one videos on the internet telling me to, “Make no Excuses”, “Accept challenges” and “Believe in myself”.

Truth be told, I am tired of the rhetoric. Talk is cheap. Give me practical examples; real life stories.

Finding one’s purpose has got to be one of the most elusive things to achieve in life. For some people amazingly, finding purpose comes quite easily. Some actually stumble onto it by chance. For the rest of us, sadly, it is one painstaking process that can take place over the entire course of our lifetime.

It is also often quite a lonely one as well.

For me, I have done some introspection and made a decision:  I’ll take Nike’s advice. I’ll just do it.

I am just going to live. I am just going to do the things that I enjoy doing, for example, writing down my thoughts and telling stories. I am going to be kind, look for opportunities to serve others. I shall keep asking questions and thinking about ways to solve the problems I encounter in my daily interactions both at work and in my personal life. I shall continually seek improvement in my processes, skills and relationships.

I want to leave a positive trail of value-adding in my wake wherever I go.

Who knows, along the way, I may finally realise that I have been living my purpose all along.

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