Mobile-Based Electronic Medical Records System (mEMR) in Nigeria


Electronic Medical & Mobile Records System (EM2R)

-Hospitals, clinics, medical schools and health centers in Nigeria-


First Atlantic Semiconductors & Microelectronics Ltd (Fasmicro)


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Introduction: This document is prepared to help present what Fasmicro can provide to any hospital, medical school, clinic, and health center in Nigeria. We present this document to share the idea and will send detailed proposal to any health institution that wants to engage us.


Our Idea: We propose an Electronic Medical and Mobile Records System (EM2R). It will comprise of Electronic Patient Database, EM2R App, and Ovim Tablet.


Electronic medical records (EMR) are key components of modern healthcare delivery. And when you make the records mobile, you transition health delivery to the 21st century. Fasmicro using its Android based Ovim Tablet is well positioned to help health institutions to move their electronics records to the mobile space where doctors and health professionals can make use of them without limitations of distance.


We will help hospitals transform from paper-based recording keeping to Electronic Medical Records (EMR) to allow healthcare providers to share information across their care ecosystem. This access to digital lifeline is vital to saving and nurturing lives, preventing medical errors and improving efficiency of healthcare delivery. We think this is where Nigeria must be.


If you already have an electronic medical records system, Fasmicro will use that data and using our Apps, we will put it in the mobile domain. That means health professionals can access patient data anywhere where there is medical data. For instance, a doctor can attend to a patient who got sick in Sokoto but with the medical records in Aba. Using our technology, the doctor, if approved and in the system, can access that data on the Ovim tablet. He can also update those records. We have different layers of privileges the hospital can set.


An electronic medical record (EMR) is a computerized medical record created in an organization that delivers care, such as a hospital and doctor’s surgery. Electronic medical records tend to be a part of a local stand-alone health information system that allows storage, retrieval and modification of records (source: Wikipedia).


A tablet personal computer (tablet PC) is a portable personal computer equipped with a touch screen as a primary input device and designed to be operated and owned by an individual. Unlike laptops, tablet personal computers may not be equipped with a keyboard, in which case they use a virtual onscreen substitute. All tablet personal computers have a wireless adapter for Internet and local network connection. Software applications for tablet PCs include office suites, web browsers, games and a variety of applications (source: Wikipedia).


Fasmicro offers EM2R software, hardware systems, and a complete service portfolio to our clients. We own the Ovim Tablet environment and we will work with you to deliver the right service with absolute commitment to quality. Our system offers an unparalleled reliability, ease-of-use, efficiency, and customizability. We help clients manage their financial, administrative, clinical, and regulatory needs, and the records mobile ecosystem with guaranteed security.


When clients engage us, we will help them develop an electronic database and transform their paper format into an electronic equivalent. Our software that runs on our Ovim Tablet will help doctors manage patients care in a mobile domain. We have tested our Tablet and found it ready for any EM2R function in Nigeria (see figures below). Table 1 shows the features of our system.

Figure 1: Ovim Tablet in action on EMR


Figure 2: Ovim in action on EMR

Table 1: Features of our EM2R System

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