Mobitel Launches “Upgrade to Mobitel 4G- Go with the Cloud” –

Mobitel Limited has started a new campaign to promote its cloud business. The tag is named: Upgrade to Mobitel 4G- Go with the Cloud. The 4G is certainly a new dimension of connectivity and customers must relish in the possibilities. The company parades 4G WIMAX products and is certainly an innovation engine.


This a new dawn in the connectivity business in Nigeria. Proving a  of 4G broadband wireless services in Nigeria will offer an unsurpassed power in the country. This means you can zap video in minutes, play games at natural speed and watch online TV.


Some of their data plans are as follows:

Mobitel Data Service Plans

Speed/Device                  Dongle                            Aura                              Indoor Unit
1Mbps                               N10,000                          N/A                                N10,000
2Mbps                               N15,000                          N15,000                       N15,000
3Mbps                               N/A                                   N30,000                       N30,000


This company continues to innovate with the   Mobitel Access Lite Dongle and the  sleek Mobitel Aura which is a portable mobile device that connects up to 5 Wi-Fi enabled devices for individuals who want high speed broadband internet on the go.


Mobitel is a foremost telecommunications firm in Nigeria focused on the delivery of next generation 4G, WiMax broadband technologies through the use of the 2.3GHz spectrum license for enhanced user experience, faster speed, better broadband quality, and competitive pricing. Mobitel are the pioneer provider of real wireless broadband service in Nigeria with speeds starting at 1Mbps and capacity to deliver up to 100Mbps. Mobitel differentiates on customer


  • Mobitel was acquired by a new investor consortium in June 2008 led by Omni-Ventures Limited.
  • Mobitel was awarded a national license on the 2.3 GHz frequency in September 2010, and recommenced operations in October rolling out 4G Broadband and Voice services.
  • With its 4G launch in late October 2010, Mobitel became the pioneer provider of real broadband service in Nigeria with speed starting at 1MB and with capacity to hit 100Mbps for Homes and Offices. Mobitel differentiates on consistency and reliability of speed compared to the current segment leaders.

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