More Ideas from Random Hack of Kindness (RHoK3) Kenya

These are concluding ideas from RHoK3 Kenya that finished on Sunday.


ARV Drugs Monitoring: During disasters people lose access to their medication, health infrastructure can be destroyed, and this leads to higher rates of default on taking medications.Antiretroviral drugs (ARVs) are commonly used for for HIV/AIDS. Many people living with HIV/AIDS contract other diseases like TB and are thus on multiple medications.


Relief food distributions: Fool proof method of distributing food in humanitarian emergencies using smart technology.Food distributions today are still done with paper, which leads to logistical losses, loss through dishonesty and makes the system more prone to human error. The use of fingerprint scans and/or iris scan to register food beneficiaries and to use it in food distributions. This will eradicate stealing and non deserving persons to get food, the information will also feed into a database which can be tracked over time.


Moving Food: Every day, everywhere, a great deal of prepared foods goes to waste from restaurants, events, etc. In some larger cities, there are formal organizations to collect and distribute left over food, but most places do not have these resources and they are very costly to run. There needs to be a web/mobile based tool that allows registered users to pick up and drop off food on an ad hoc crowdsourced basis.


Managing Volunteers after a Disaster: How do we efficiently manage volunteers for health needs after a disaster? For an NGO working in Disaster Preparedness, they can often get a huge influx of volunteers during a disaster, and often have to turn many away because they cannot handle the flow.  In truth, this problem is broader in that it includes:

  • Organizing before the disaster
  • Organizing during the disaster response
  • How to maintain interest after the initial emergency response?
  • Empowering volunteers to identify needs and react
  • Issues of trust or credibility


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