MSM Transforms Your Phone To Get Voice Alerts from Facebook and Twitter Feeds

MSM is a service that gives you automated audio alerts from your social networks. Once registered, you can configure the service to the types of alerts you would like to receive. You will then be able to get voice alerts whenever your selected updates come in.


My Social Mobile (MSM) gives you Voiced alerts from your Facebook and Twitter social networks as you listen to your favorite Music and Radio. You don’t have to stare at your phone any more to get your latest updates!


Transform your phone into the latest social tool:

  1. Get automated voice alerts from Facebook & Twitter while listening to your favorite music or radio.
  2. Get alerts from Facebook when selected Friends update their status, you’re Tagged, a Friend comments on your status or photo & and much more…
  3. Get alerts from Twitter when selected people you are Following update their status, when you are Mentioned, when Your Tweets are Re-Tweeted & and much more…

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