My interview with Johns Hopkins Engineering Magazine is Live

My interview with Johns Hopkins Engineering Magazine is Live

I like the Johns Hopkins University because it still knows how I am doing. Yes, it keeps checking even for the big boys. How I wish Nigerian universities can master the relationships American top universities build with their former students. There is no single day I do not remember the school because my school email is for life, and I still use that email! 

So, when those envelopes arrive, you can put something. Yes, while fellow alumni member Michael Bloomberg is writing his $billions, we support with our $500, as the world’s most celebrated medical institution continues the mission to find cures to diseases.

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One thought on “My interview with Johns Hopkins Engineering Magazine is Live

  1. As for Nigerian universities mastering the relationships top American universities build with their former students, first is knowing what our universities stand for, in words and deed.

    Those top universities all have something in common: their foundations were built on certain IDEA, which has gone on to become a storied one, and has remained a developing story. So once you hear Harvard, MIT, Stanford or Johns Hopkins, something comes to mind; and they are all unique.

    How many of our universities have a unique storyline? How do we even set up our public universities? Largely, it’s a question of necessity, so whenever we feel there is need to set up new universities, or if some regions felt underrepresented; we simply create new universities, go figure!

    Our universities are largely defined by how great or ridiculous a VC is, so depending on whose regime, it could be hot, warm or cold; that’s not how to run a university! It is only when a university is founded on clear purpose, and consistently work hard to preserve and maintain that spirit, then you can talk about great relationships – both within and outside.

    Everything in Nigeria is a child of accident or emergency, even the Constitution, so no need to expect much.


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