Naughty He-Goat

Naughty He-Goat

“Hi, sweet sis!” Emeka greeted as he walked into Nkem’s bed room.

“Hello big bros!” She cheerfully responded.

“I never knew you have a very pretty-looking girl friend.” He observed, still standing.

“How do you mean?” She verified, lying in her bed.

“I am referring to Ada, of course.”

“Oh,” Nkem exclaimed. “That’s my darling friend.”

“Interesting.” He added, nodding.

Ada, who just left their home, had been Nkem’s best friend right from their childhood. They both graduated from same secondary school some months back, and recently sat for the JAMB examination.

That very day, Wednesday, 17th April 2013 to be precise, Ada visited Nkem at her parental home as usual but that was the first time Emeka set his eyes on her.

Emeka, a twenty-one year old chap whom was a 200 Level student of Civil Engineering in the University of Ibadan (UI), Oyo State, Nigeria and on his first semester holiday break, was Nkem’s immediate elder brother. He was about three years older than her.

“I like her.” He continued.

“Hmm..” Nkem murmured.

“I think she’s my dream girl.”

“Dream girl?” She surprisingly asked. “But you hardly know her?”

“That’s not an excuse, my dearest sister.” He quickly chipped in.

“Besides, I don’t think my friend would like a rascal like you.” She teased.

“Don’t bother about that,” he enjoined. “Let that be my worry.”

“I am exhausted.” Nkem uttered. “I want to have my siesta.” She requested, frowning.

“Okay, suit yourself.” the lover boy replied, walked to the door and stepped out.

“This boy must be crazy,” Nkem soliloquized in her bed. “I pray he wouldn’t do anything silly towards my friend.”

“Nkem..!” Her mum, whom was seated at the sitting room, called as soon as the doorbell rang.

“Yes mum.” She answered in a high tone from her bedroom.

“Please, come and check who is at the door.”

Nkem hurriedly stepped out of her room, walked towards the entrance to the lounge and quickly let the door open. She perhaps needed not to verify who was there before opening the entry door since the guest must had passed through a scrutiny at the gate.

It was Ada, her best friend. She stepped into the parlour the moment the entrance was let open. The slim and dark-skinned girl who was average in height, was clad in black trousers, white round-neck polo and brown sandals. That was exactly six days after her last visit.

“Oh, is you!” Nkem excitedly uttered, closed the door behind her.

There was no notice about her coming. She probably intended to take Nkem unawares.

They hugged each other affectionately as they had invariably done.

On her part, Nkem’s mum whom was still seated in one of the upholstery chairs, looked at them and shook her head in excitement.

Taking a close study at the teens as they hugged themselves, it’s only a man suffering from acute glaucoma that wouldn’t observe they were really best of friends.

“Good afternoon, mum!” Ada greeted, stylishly bowing her head as a mark of respect the moment she walked closer to the house madam.

“Good afternoon, my daughter.” She responded, smiling. “You are welcome.”

“Thank you, ma.” Ada appreciated.

“How are your parents?”

“They are fine, ma.”

“And your siblings?”

“They are all doing great, ma.”

“Please, make yourselves comfortable.” She urged the duo, stood up and walked straight to her matrimonial room holding a magazine in her right hand.

“Thank you, mum.” Nkem happily dished out as her mum walked out of the parlour.

Immediately, they sat very close to each other in one of the two-in-one upholstery seats in the sitting room.

“I learnt our JAMB results are out?” Nkem anxiously enquired.

“Yes, you are right.” Ada replied. “I read it on Facebook yesterday.”

“Interesting.” Nkem enthused. “Just barely few days ago we sat for the exam.”

“JAMB is really improving.” Ada added.

“So,” Nkem said. “When will you check yours?”

“I don’t know yet.” Ada responded. “I am scared.”

“Me too.”

“Maybe we should go together.” Ada suggested.

“I think you are right.” Nkem concurred. “Let’s go tomorrow then?”

“Okay, no problem.” Ada consented, paused. “What of your big bros?” She supplemented, referring to Emeka.

Emeka was Nkem’s only brother, and the first child of their parents. They were only three in number including one other girl, Ndidi who was still in secondary school, Class four precisely.

“Oh, that one?” Nkem said. “He went to see one of his childhood friends in the neighbourhood.”

“Okay.” Ada chipped in, nodding.

“I think he would soon be back.” Nkem foresaw.

“That your brother is lively and accommodating.”

“Wow!” Nkem exclaimed in a low tone. “All these for him?”

“Yes, he is.” Ada reiterated. “The little time I had with him the last time I was here is enough evidence to prove that.”

“Hmmm.” Nkem murmured. “Don’t tell me you are falling for my brother?” She teased cheerily.

Ada smiled. “Not what you think.”

She was opportune to have a good and lengthen chat with Emeka during her previous visit, and that was the first encounter she had had with him.

After few minutes, at about 4:17pm (WAT), Emeka walked into the lounge clad in black baggy jeans, red shirt spotted with green, black canvasses coupled with a red baseball cap.

“I told you, he would soon be back.” Nkem reminded.

“Oh, pretty!” Emeka exclaimed from afar having sighted Ada. “You are here?” He said, gladly stepped closer to them.

“Yes,” Ada replied. “I have already spent over thirty minutes here.”

“Are you serious?” He amazingly tendered, sat adjacent to them.

“And as a matter of fact,” Nkem interrupted. “We were just discussing you before you arrived.”

“And what were you guys saying about me?” He curiously inquired.

“That you are a naughty boy.” Nkem pulled his legs.

Ada smiled, tapped Nkem on her left lap.

“Is that true?” He asked Ada.

“It is a lie.” Ada cleared the air. “Don’t mind her.”

“Nkem, so you haven’t offered her anything?” Emeka observed after a brief silence, frowned.

“Oh, I almost forgot.” Nkem said. “I am so sorry dear.” She told Ada, stood up immediately.

“No qualms.” Ada said, smiling. “Apology accepted.”

Nkem quickly walked away to gather some drinks for herself and the guest.

That was a great and golden opportunity for Emeka to accomplish his intended mission.

“Baby, you are indeed a very beautiful girl.” He complimented the moment his kid sister walked out.

“Really..?” Ada exclaimed; amazed.

It seemed Ada had already developed a soft spot for him, because the compliment was apparently highly welcomed by her person.

“Of course, you are.” He reiterated. “Honestly, since the last time we met, my thoughts have been occupied with you.”

“Oh, my God!” She voiced out. “Are you serious?”

The last question was like a challenge to Emeka. He then stood up and quietly relocated to Ada’s seat, exactly where Nkem was seated. This time, his face was deeply focused on hers. “Baby,” he eventually called. “Sincerely, I am in love with you.” He thought aloud.

Ada was deeply moved by the statement, which she had never received before in her whole life. Abruptly, she was instantly completely enslaved by lust. She was ostensibly speechless and vulnerable. Her emotions couldn’t withstand Emeka’s deceptive countenance as her innermost system was filled with tremendous sensation. No doubt, her poor self was already in a romantic mood.

On his part, he appeared not unlike a predator that had gotten a prey for the day, thus felt like he was already on her.

Emeka who seemed drunk, hurriedly took her right hand and held it tenderly. “If you give me the chance, I will prove to you how much I love you.” He naively promised.

She remained speechless and loosed just like a dummy displayed in a showcase in a certain supermarket.

Therein, he shifted closer, calmly held her head with his two hands and began to kiss her repeatedly. The moment he removed her stainless white top – leaving only her red bra – as the silly journey progressed, Nkem walked in with a tray in her hands containing bottles of drinks and some glasses.

“What..!” She exclaimed on top of her voice on sighting the ugly and disgusting indoor drama.

The tray fell on the tiled floor and its contents thoroughly got broken.

On their part, Emeka and Ada who abruptly got back to their senses, felt like the world had come to an end; their legs remained gripped on the floor. Ada particularly, couldn’t withstand the unimaginable shame.

Their mother, who ran to the sitting room to verify the essence of the alarm, got fainted on sighting the eyesore.

The rest is history, please.










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