Ndubuisi Ekekwe Takes Equity in Pass, A PayTech Startup

Ndubuisi Ekekwe Takes Equity in Pass, A PayTech Startup

I am very excited to welcome an amazing company to the Fasmicro Group portfolio. Pass, led by Samuel Chukwunonso Eze, is a one-click checkout for e-commerce and digital platforms. It has created a proprietary technology which makes it possible that your customers actually pay at checkout pages. It reduces those abandoned carts by making it possible that from choosing a product to actual purchase, only ONE click is necessary. With Pass, your revenue goes up.

On an average it takes about 12 to 18 clicks (including registrations) before a customer can make payments at checkouts, accounting for largely 75% of abandoned shopping carts. With Pass, just 1-click! Also, you’ll never have to input your name, phone number, email address, shipping address and debit card details on multiple websites ever again. 

To get that going, Pass integrates its technology in merchant websites, and when your customers login via Pass, they would not have to put any credit, debit or bank info, to pay on your site. Simply, if they like those shoes, phones, etc, which you are selling, customers will simply click once to pay. Pass technology runs in the background to complete the payment process.

Pass is launching on Sept 1. We welcome local and global partners; financial, growth , etc. Contact Sam at [email protected]


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