Nigeria 2011 S&T Budget Is Less Than Microsoft R&D Weekly Tab. A Senator Spends Monthly What Some Agencies Spend Annually

We will be analyzing the science and technology budget of the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology.  The budget is available here:


People, we are still far below. What Microsoft spends on R&D in a week covers what Nigeria budgets for the science and technology ministry.At around $9.5 billion, Microsoft puts more than in N1 trillion in R&D. One percent of that is about N10 billion. Alternatively, look at it from weekly R&D money. Let us say $19 billion per  week for Microsoft – that is what the numbers work out to be. The total budget in the S&T Nigeria is not up to that weekly figure.


It is just unfortunate. We will be looking at the numbers closely and telling you what we expect in the agencies. The money is small because the salaries are eating the figures. Tekedia is at work and we are looking at them..


Key immediate numbers are:



The big guy is NATIONAL SPACE RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT AGENCY – ABUJA which gets N730,165,405 for capital cost


But you know what? One Senator spends, monthly, what some of these agencies spend in year. Who is deceiving who?

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