Nigeria, Happy 60th Independence

Nigeria, Happy 60th Independence

Nigeria, happy 60th independence. I wish you more in wealth, health and wisdom.  Like the iroko tree, your fortress will only grow in strength. Thou shall be like the beautiful vine that produces in seasons and out of seasons.  The labour of thou heroes past shall never be in vain, even as the promises of your youth blossom.

From the north to the south, east to west, we Believe. We believe that Nigeria can rise as a nation – hopeful and promising with abundance for all.

As the ant-hills are not built by the elephants but by the collective efforts of the little ants, may you experience the wisdom of 60, from today, and BUILD Together.


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One thought on “Nigeria, Happy 60th Independence

  1. It’s 60 years down the line, and we have been reading and listening to speeches on why we must be grateful and appreciate how far we have come. The president had a good speech too, with only two low points: numbers 11 and 45; the former offered him an opportunity to admit his mistake of 1983, but he sounded as though he was referring to another person, he didn’t show leadership there. As for the second one, that line should have been jettisoned from the document, we do not need angry people with vengeful disposition as political leaders; it was an unnecessary gaffe.

    Now we have an opportunity to relaunch a New Nigeria. That it took nations hundreds of years to rise doesn’t mean you need to waste plenty time, before you can achieve same; things are a lot faster now. Incremental development isn’t enough in our case, we need velocity, a rocket speed at that. When your population is growing faster than your GDP, you need to run as fast as you can, just to maintain your original position.

    God bless Nigeria!


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