Nigeria’s Pioneering Keke Aggregator Matatu Rebrands to Zido

Nigeria’s Pioneering Keke Aggregator Matatu Rebrands to Zido

We are really happy to note that Nigeria’s pioneering keke aggregator Matatu keke taxi has a new name: Zido. Yes, zido that last-mile trip fast! Zido is a technology-driven auto rickshaw (keke) aggregator which runs on that enviable business construct of aggregation where digital technology is used to bring efficiency in demand-supply framework. The app-based transport networking solution provides on-demand transport services to commuters within towns through easy-to-use taxi hailing mobile applications. We do think that Zido is easier to pronounce and remember than Matatu. Zido that last-mile trip in Lagos!

Prior to the launch of Zido, people had to wait on long queues to get a ride with an auto-rickshaw to take them to their destination. Whereas in some other areas, the auto-rickshaw drivers had to wait on long queues until two or three passengers come for a ride. Zido takes away all of this stress, delay and eventual frustration. Now with Zido, passengers can hail an auto-rickshaw with only a few taps and the driver appears in few minutes. Also, drivers don’t have to spend hours idle, their rides are better optimized and overall efficiency is achieved.

You can learn about the man – Samuel Ajiboyede – behind Zido in this Vanguard interview. Zido is scaling across Nigeria; let us know if you want your city to connect into the Zido platform. We are looking for strategic partners across Nigerian cities; connect here.

Mr. Samuel Ajiboyede may not be your regular household name or celebrity but his name resonates in the tech start-up world. Unlike many achievers in his profession, he would rather his innovations and inventions take the limelight while he remain at the backstage in the idea factory. In less than a decade,  the Havard Business School graduate has powered several innovations that has revolutionized the Nigerian tech start-up world. First was ‘Matutu’ which is gradually reinventing the popular tricycle ‘Keke’ transportation business. Then came ‘Workclick’ a hairhub startup servicing clients in San Francisco, Lagos and Nairobi.  His car tracking app is arguably one of the most sought after tool for car safety in Nigeria and the Sub-Saharan African region

Zido that trip. Make it Zido.


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