NYSC Post Corpers To Churches And Mosques

NYSC Post Corpers To Churches And Mosques

NYSC post corpers to churches and mosques.

I spoke with a corp member that just left the camp on Monday, 9th of September. He told me how he was posted to a church.

I’m not against corp members being posted to religious organizations since some churches and mosques have offices. But it seems to be the opposite for the newly posted corp member, Adekunle who is serving in Ondo state.

Adekunle reached out to me to share his disappointment. He told me, ”These people are jokers. You won’t believe what happened when I got to where I was posted for my Primary Place of Assignment (PPA). I was posted to a church.”

According to Adekunle, he said he wasn’t upset about being posted to a church, after all, some churches have schools and other organizations. But Adekunle was upset with his role in the church.

He said, ”The pastor of the church told me that I would be working with him in the parish. I will be cleaning and arranging chairs whenever they have a program. To crown it all, I will be present during vigils.”

The National Youth Service Corps officials, this is unacceptable. These corpers are graduates. They’ve spent at least four years in the university. They have applied to serve their fatherland. Would it not be better if they are posted to places where they can learn?

No parents would be happy to see their children being assigned to such a role. Would you post your children to such places?

After all, NYSC is meant to prepare them for the work environment. Cleaning and arranging of chairs would be the worst thing anyone can do for a year. It’s time we start valuing our graduates. Because there are no jobs in the country is not enough reason to post anyone to such places. It’s truly belittling.

I wish the NYSC officials will do better in this aspect.

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