Open Letter to Herbert Wigwe, Access Bank’s CEO, Staff: Why My Accounts Should Be Whitelisted

Open Letter to Herbert Wigwe, Access Bank’s CEO, Staff: Why My Accounts Should Be Whitelisted

Since February 2020, I have been having issues with my saving and current accounts. The first issue was the inability to send and receive money. The second issue was the inability to use digital platforms such as USSD for transactions. After several requests and conversations, it is imperative for me to use this medium to ask Herbert Wigwe, the Chief Executive Access Bank and staff to whitelist my accounts.

The failure of the staff, who have responded so far regarding my complaints, to resolve the issues have impacted my financial responsibilities. During the conversations that trailed the issues, I have noted that the idea of going to one of the branches to resolve the issues cannot be effective. This is largely due to my experience with the branch close to my present location and current coronavirus pandemic. Beyond that, it is absurd that issues that resonated with digital platforms cannot be solved through digital processes or approaches.

Email Conversation

Facebook Conversation

MAR 20, 2020, 3:20 PM

Me: It has been more than 5 days that I sent an email to your contact centre over the inability to use transaction code on my accounts.

Till now, I have not received concrete answer than sending us your phone number. What is really happening? It’s necessary this is resolved on time because I can’t access my money for essential needs.

MAR 22, 2020, 10:11 AM

Access Bank: Hi Mutiu Iyanda, we are sorry for this experience. Please confirm the last error message you got when you attempted the process ?^NI.

MAR 27, 2020, 7:18 AM

Me: The error is that “you have been denied access to this service. Contact your bank for details.”

MAR 27, 2020, 8:33 AM

Access Bank: Hi Mutiu Iyanda, we apologize for the discomfort experienced, kindly visit any of our branches to be white-listed on the USSD platform or give us a call on 07003000000 to be advised on how to access the mobile application. ???^GI

Me: After you have requested for the phone number associated with the account. At this period, you still want me to go to your branch…

Me:  I just also discovered that I can’t receive money into current account and withdraw from it.

MAR 27, 2020, 11:36 AM

Access Bank: Hi Mutiu Iyanda, kindly provide us with a screenshot of the error message while trying to receive or withdraw from your account to enable us advise further. ???^GI

MAR 27, 2020, 12:52 PM

Me: It is not possible to do the screenshot. I have stated the error message in my previous message. Please check it again. Thanks

MAY 4, Mon 5:31 PM

Me: Hello. Since March, there is no response to my needs here and through email messages. It clearly shows how cares is your bank. Thank you.

Update on Conversations

Update One: At exactly 3:19 pm (May 5, 2020), one of the employees reached out to me via email message still requesting for what one of her colleagues had requested for despite sending the documents via email (as noted) since Sunday 3, May 2020. Can Herbert Wigwe tell his employees that online complaints do not need to take months to be resolved? We are in a global village with a lot of means of tracking email messages among others.

Poor Online Customer Engagement and Complaints Management

My experience in the last few months have shown that Access Bank needs to work on its online response platforms. This is essential as the state and federal governments expect every citizen to follow necessary medical measures for the total containment of coronavirus. Doing the rights on the platforms would also go in long way of helping the bank in securing the right place in 2020 Consumer Digital Banking Satisfaction Index Report having failed to be named top bank within digital banking space in 2019.  Finally, the Chief Executive Officer and staff should know that evidences have shown that there is a strong link between customer engagement and customer loyalty.

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3 thoughts on “Open Letter to Herbert Wigwe, Access Bank’s CEO, Staff: Why My Accounts Should Be Whitelisted

  1. I was a Diamond Bank customer before the merger, my experience with Access Bank so far is anything but pleasant, simple request to resolve an issue like a lien placed on one of my accounts without any reason have not been resolved despite emails, calls and repeated visit to the Bank. But I understand the complexity of the transition and need for controls, unlike Diamond Bank that focused on providing digital channels for the customer, dealing with Access only amplifies what we have lost with the “exit” of Diamond Bank. Herbert Wigwe has proved to be a visionary leader and the Shareholders are not complaining.

  2. Please access bank do something about your staff that you sack last week, cbn supended the process but sir you haven’t said anything about it

  3. Elegushi halimat omowunmi . · Edit

    I am one of your customer , I mistakingly send money to someone account since last week to the same access account .
    I was told that the money is now pin down but i need this money to badly . my account officer is responding very well. Pls help me


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