Live Virtual Corporate Training – Seminars and Workshops


Tekedia Institute offers virtual (online) seminars and workshops to startups, SMEs, NGOs, companies and public sector entities. On engagement, we design, develop and deliver live seminars and workshops on many business domains (see below) using our Faculty. All services are directed by the Lead Faculty, Prof Ndubuisi Ekekwe.

Areas Covered

These are sample areas we cover; if your area is not included, please we will work to serve you as we have deep capabilities on most domains. Just let us know your area, and we will work to prepare for it.

  • Logistics & Supply Chain Management
  • Business Innovation, Growth & Sustainability
  • Business Transformation & Project Management
  • Risk Management
  • Business Administration
  • Innovation & Design Thinking
  • Accounting, Auditing, Forensics & Taxation
  • Workplace, Teams, Communication and Collaboration
  • Media, Advertising & Branding
  • Startup and Small Business Management
  • Exponential Technologies and Singularity
  • Marketing and Sales Management
  • Digital Business Growth
  • Agribusiness Management
  • Human Resources Management
  • Personal Finance & Wealth Management


Our pricing is based on a maximum of 6 hours per day at a daily rate of $3,000 or local equivalent.

How To Register

Email us with the following: program theme or topic, duration (hours or days), and planned start and end dates.

The programs are on-demand which means there is no scheduled start time; we are ready once a client is ready to start. We have a Corporate Zoom in case you have none.

Our email: [email protected]


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