Rejected by Shark Tank, Now Sold for $1 Billion

Rejected by Shark Tank, Now Sold for $1 Billion

As you close for the weekend, please make time to refresh. Yes, I want you to have time to reflect. Do not be intimidated by zen masters and gurus. The fact is this: no one knows everything. One of the best investors of his generation had the opportunity to invest in Google, but passed. Last week, Amazon bought Ring, a home security company for excess of $1 billion. That was the same company “the wise people on Shark Tank show” rejected.

The more you develop confidence in what you do, the better you can make progress. While it is always good to measure and benchmark, it is important you do not measure to beat yourself to no action. If you focus on comparing yourself with others, you may be measuring the wrong things. That could mean missing the opportunity to develop what you have and own your space.

Yes, they would tell you that your idea is “no good”. Consider the merit of those feedbacks but always remember that nothing could be more “terrible” than launching a business where strangers would sleep in someone’s house. That business, Airbnb is worth billions of dollars today. If someone could fund Airbnb, people, you should not be alone.

Get out of that self-imposed timidity. Curate the noise, and look ahead for the mountain-top. You cannot be a good entrepreneur if you do not develop that personality that this game is a contact sports – you must hustle for access into the minds and lives of clients and users. But glory awaits.


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