Sahara Experts Network – World Class Advisory Services For Investors Into SS Africa

This message is from African Institution of Technology.

We now offer advisory services for businesses/people that want to invest in sub-Sahara Africa. We bring in-depth understanding of the region to provide actionable insights to our clients. As an organization that has visited more than 350 African campuses, government agencies, and SMEs, our perspectives are investable. We do not produce documents; we provide tools that will help you succeed in Africa. We have created many firms and seat on boards of different companies. We work with governments and see patterns before most people. And when we write, people read; recent book won publisher’s “Book of the Year” award and got into Thomson Reuters’ Citation Index. We approved Guanghua School of Management, Peking University, Beijing to translate our works into Chinese.

The core of this network will be our Founder. He is a company founder, a university professor, ex-banker, an advisor, an inventor (medical robot), an author, speaker, a distinguished engineer, holder of seven degrees with two doctoral and four master’s degrees in diverse areas as banking, finance, engineering, IT and admin. You cannot miss a multi-faceted perspective when he talks about technology, business and the future – all dots connected! He authored books on microelectronics, corrosion, and nanotechnology in the same period he consulted and authored a well received paper for African Union on Single Currency.

Our services are very affordable, for few hundreds dollars, we will speak with you on phone and/or develop an Progress Insight for you.

Contact me, Sam John, AFRIT COO, at [email protected] to get started.



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