Symantec Joins Forces With ITU on Cyber Security. ITU-IMPACT Continues To Gain Momentum

Symantec and ITU have joined forces to work towards a better cyber space.  Under the terms of the agreement, Symantec will provide ITU with expert intelligence reports on current and future trends in ICT security, to be shared among all ITU Member States. This will facilitate awareness raising and knowledge transfer, complementing the work of ITU and strengthening its effectiveness as a global forum for governments and the private sector to build confidence and security in the use of ICTs. This is a public-private partnership which ITU is fostering with private companies.


Meanwhile, ITU’s relationship with IMPACT continues to gain momentum, with over 130 UN Member States now part of the ITU-IMPACT coalition. ITU-IMPACT is the first cooperative global venture to make available cybersecurity expertise and resources to enable Member States to detect, analyze and respond effectively to cyberthreats. Of particular benefit to developing countries and smaller states without the capacity and resources to develop their own sophisticated cyber response centres, the coalition also benefits technically advanced nations by providing them with a continuous global snapshot of potential and real online threats.



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