Tekedia Welcomes An IP Expert To Teach “Intellectual Property: Strategy, Management & Commercialization”

Tekedia Welcomes An IP Expert  To Teach “Intellectual Property: Strategy, Management & Commercialization”

Good People, join me to welcome Barrister Ifeanyi E. Okonkwo to Tekedia Institute as Faculty. The learned gentleman is an intellectual property expert and is developing a new course on ‘Intellectual Property: Strategy, Management & Commercialisation’ for the Institute.  This course will examine among others how we can translate IPs into innovation and drive growth in businesses. The focus is on the business side, not the legality, since the Institute has courses in the legal domain already.

Mr Okonkwo comes with wide experience in commercial intellectual property and has been involved in several complex international and local portfolios.

He is an asset at West Africa’s leading IP firm – Jackson, Etti & Edu (Managing IP) – and a member of the NBA-SBL IP Committee. His work on intellectual property valuation continues to be a foremost material on the subject amongst African scholars.

In a knowledge-based economy and the rise of intangible assets, Ifeanyi E Okonkwo will be taking on Tekedia Students on the intangible business aspects and strategies.

From Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) to the usual IP assets, Tekedia Institute is educating. Register for the next edition which begins June 7 here.



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One thought on “Tekedia Welcomes An IP Expert To Teach “Intellectual Property: Strategy, Management & Commercialization”

  1. With this, you have indeed proven to be the prophet of Innovation, and have shown that Tekedia is for the future. Few weeks back, on the 26th April, was the celebration of Intellectual property day, a day, which many don’t know much about because of the kind of clime we’ve condition ourselves to. Yet, intellectual property according to report from World bank account for 90 percent of all firms, and employs over 60 percent of global population, even if we must note that Nigeria, Africa’s acclaimed giant lags in engagement because of the low penetration of knowledge about it, as data shows that less than 50 percent value is tapped from that space.

    And as a continent, if we are going to rise above poverty, we must have a strong SMEs sector, which is anchored on knowledge, not sentimental action like guess works and envy, “my neighbor dey do am make I do am too”, then we would see the bank which appear not to give capital support rush in with the Benjamin, because the risk barrier have been settled and potentials can be tapped.

    And by knowledge, I mean, we would start stretching the boundaries of thinking, unleashing our imagination, effectively utilizing the limited resource we have while seeking means to satisfy man unlimited needs in prudent manners. Because, government hand out would not grow that sector, rather value would be capture via copyright, patency and Trademarks.

    Lastly, we you made public your investment in a just budding start-up which have never received any form of funding, you said, ”I sold a small company in pursuit of patency, those ideas you have no plans to purse again” raising the question in my mind, is the patency system in this environ strong? Secondly, in my open comment to your message to Tanzanian female president, I wrote “ …. A man synonyms to anonymous”, and you replied that “I should copyright that line”, how many here know the potency and economic value of such action.

    I am must say, I am confident that the faculty would deliver, and I hope to secure scholarship so I can attend.

    Good Afternoon, and God bless Tekedia.


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