The Economist-InnoCentive Human Potential Index Challenge – $10,000 Reward

InnoCentive and The Economist are teaming up to connect InnoCentive’s talented community, The Economist’s millions of readers and the rest of the world with The Economist conference series entitled the Ideas Economy. Solvers are asked to provide well thought-out concepts for novel and useful metrics or indices that quantify important trends that affect humanity. The winning solution will receive a substantial cash award and be highlighted at the upcoming Economist Ideas Economy: Human Potential conference in September 2011. Many more details are available inside the Challenge’s Detailed Description section.


As part of The Economist and InnoCentive’s Challenge Program for the upcoming Ideas Economy Conference on Human Potential, The Economist is looking for new and creative metrics or indices that draw attention to an important societal trend. Many such metrics or indices have had profound impacts on how we measure progress and inspire people to improve the world. The winner of this Challenge will be elevated to the position of speaker or participant at the September 2011 conference in New York City. Many more details are provided in the Challenge’s Detailed Description section once you create and log into your free InnoCentive Solver account.


To participate in this program, visit.

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