The Equation of the Week: Innovation = Invention + Commercialization

The Equation of the Week: Innovation = Invention + Commercialization

Innovators and growth champions, our equation for this week is: Innovation = Invention + Commercialization. Yes, let us move beyond just ideas and make things which customers will pay for. Remember, prosperity belongs to innovation societies and companies; inventive societies or companies with no mechanism to release the great forces –  products and services which overcome the frictions in customers’ lives – into markets are like the old man in the sea, who sees water everywhere but yet cannot find a drop for the throat.

Until you release the great forces of products & services, the frictions in markets cannot be fixed. Build great products and services and be rewarded with great companies. Yes, the benefit of fixing frictions is Revenue and that is possible through commercialization. 

Innovators fix market frictions and get rewarded with Revenue. You must transition from being an inventor into an innovator! Simply, Innovate and advance.


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