The Journey of an Entrepreneur – Benedicta Nwankwo, and the Magic Product – STC30

The Journey of an Entrepreneur – Benedicta Nwankwo, and the Magic Product – STC30

”I did not fail, I only discovered a reason why it didn’t work out.” – Benedicta.

This is the journey of an amazing woman who failed while setting up her business. This will definitely inspire you. She didn’t just move on from her failed venture, but she discovered another way to rise from defeat.

As much as entrepreneurship can be tricky, there are many ways to leverage your way up. Like Benedicta did, she failed forward, collaborated with Superlife, a multimillion dollar company, and stamp her feet firm on the grind.

This interview reveals her journey and the Superlife product – STC30.

Please introduce yourself to our readers.
My name is Benedicta Nwankwo, a graduate of Economics Education, and a customer service executive with over 5 years experience.

I am currently with Superlife, a multi-million dollar company where I am marketing an amazing product called STC30, the product which is helping a lot of individuals with difficult illnesses.

It’s nice to finally get to interview you after so many attempts. I am always keen on bringing amazing entrepreneurs out there, in which you fall into this category. Can you share your entrepreneurship journey with the audience?
Once again, thank you for having me here. I started off with opening a mini-store in 2016 from the little cash I made but along the line, a lot of things went wrong in terms of management and I lost the business.

However, I didn’t give up because I believe – I did not fail, I only discovered a reason why it didn’t work out. LinkedIn became a blessing to me. I got connected to a friend who needed my assistant to start up a business in 2019. I did assist in equipping and setting up the business.

At first, it was a favour, but along the line, I found out that this business was a way of saving a lot of people around me. So, I invested in the business and today, Superlife is the talk of the town with their supplement – STC30, curing and saving a lot of lives.

Good to see you go again after incurring a loss at your first business. The first time I came across your profile, you were talking about Superlife. I am curious to know what this is all about, would you mind sharing with the audience?
Superlife is a multi-million dollar network marketing company that has its headquarters in Malaysia.

The company is honoured to have a business collaboration with Dr Fred Zuelli, who is the CEO of Mibelle Biochemistry, Switzerland. He designs and develops, innovates sustainable and high performing active based naturally derived compounds.

The collaboration with Mibelle biochemistry allows Superlife to market the most sought after Superfood Supplement – STC30.

That sounds really like a good product. Can you share the functions of this product?
STC30 is a stem cell therapy, I call it “a miracle in a sachet”. STC30 is a supplement which its major functions is to repair damaged cells, reactivate dormant cells and regenerate new cells.

That sounds really too good to be true. I am interested in the success story. Since you ventured into this business, what are the success stories that you have recorded?
The stories are mind-blowing. Just like you doubted it, I did too, but with what I have seen, I have so much confidence to talk about it.

We have recorded the product curing and dismantling Fibroid, diabetes, constipation, kidney stones, cancer, sight and bone issue, sickle cell and even STD.

The current testimony I received is the case of diabetes and stroke from a medical practitioner who has invested a lot of money into the business to help her patients and family.

Is this supplement approved by NAFDAC, and what is the NAFDAC number?
Yes. The NAFDAC is A7- 4023L. We have the approval of the FDA as well in Ghana and so many awards.

You said it cures some STDs, how true is that statement?
Very true!!! Most of the STD testimonies are confidential but the test carried out before and after using the supplement is shocking.

That’s really amazing to hear. Is the World Health Organization, WHO, aware of this supplement?
Not yet, I am sure they must have read about it but have not given it any attention.

I think the whole world should have known about this supplement if it’s really effective as you have said, what could be hindering it?
It’s been difficult getting through I must admit. Some people still want to continue using what they have, and are not keying into the amazing products.

Also, so many doors are being shut at us because a lot of them still enjoy patients spending a huge amount of money and wasting time in hospitals.

I will probably say, ”this is a man knows man syndrome”, if you don’t know anyone in the country, even if you have what will save the world, no one wants to hear or listen to you! But we can only try those we can reach within our capacity.

That’s really bizarre. Are your supply chains strong enough?
Very strong. We recently got 180 packs of the products last three weeks, and another 180 packs a few days ago, which is almost finished and another order has been placed.

How affordable is the supplement? 

The supplement is affordable but to most average people, they wish it can be more affordable.

What price range are we looking at here?
Prices ranges from NGN27500 to NGN30,000. The company has tried to do a discount for those who have requested to have a lot supplied to them.

We have more people coming in to join us. They have been opportune to discuss their preferences.

Where are your outlets and how can you be contacted?
We have our office at 52 Diya Street, Gbagada, Adjacent to Deeper Life Bible Church Headquarters, Gbagada, Lagos.

I can be contacted on 08179740012.

Here’s my last question – what would you like the government to do to help your product?
I would really like the government to key into this amazing project to make this supplement accessible to all individuals, especially those in the hospital currently suffering from different illnesses.

My utmost joy will be that – all Nigerians and the world at large, suffering from different illnesses, will get their health back, because I still believe in the saying that ”health is wealth.”

Thank you for the wonderful chat Benedicta Nwankwo. I wish you and your company all the best.


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