The Mechanics of Hacking Startup Growth

The Mechanics of Hacking Startup Growth

By Iselowo Kolawole Kehinde

When launching a new product or startup, hacking is key to the rapid process of growth and hiring a good Growth Hacker is even more important. There are four processes I feel that are vital and must be carefully considered..

1.) Activation: how do you get people to see or know your products? Is it Direct Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Display Advertising, SEO (search engine optimization) or SEM (search engine marketing)?

2.) Acquisition: after the right people see you online, how do you convert them and generate leads and revenue from them? This has to do with your landing page and offers.

3.) Retention: how do you make people addicted to your product or service and always get them coming back for more? Is it via your UGC (User Generated Content) or Freemium Services?

4.) Referral: how do you get already satisfied clients and customers that you are purchasing from to refer your product to someone? This is very vital – you should look at things like Email Marketing, Retargeting, Excellent Service Provided, Referral Bonus, Feedbacks and New Features Upgrade.

Synergy Between UI and UX

Interestingly, pursuing growth typically requires a good level of customer experience. Yes, there needs to be a synergy between UI and UX. I tell people UI (User Interface) makes your application beautiful but UX (User Xperience) makes your application meaningful. The beauty about UI is that it should leave a first impression visually and should be appealing while your UX should leave a lifetime impression based on services being rendered.

UX is all about Ease of Use, Process Automation, Ease of Access, Maneuverability and Speed of Navigation. You should be able to switch tabs as fast as possible, your UX shouldn’t confuse your users, it should enlighten them. E.g. you can’t develop an emergency or SOS application and then request the prospective users to fully sign up before having full access to the application to send out an emergency distress call in time of trouble.

All Together

The best way to hack growth is to give users great experiences through superior services. That will help turn those users from customers to fans. Do not neglect the power of UI and UX in your design.

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