The Message in Trump’s Ban to Nigeria

America wants Nigerians. Provided U.S. still issues non immigrant visas (NIV) to Nigerians, I still believe that Nigerians have doors to America. If 8,000 Nigerian passport holders apply for U.S. immigrant visas (IV) yearly, I expect less than 6,000 to be in Nigeria; the rest are Nigerians updating their status outside Nigeria. But U.S. issued about 169,000 NIV to Nigerians in 2017 and about 150,000 in 2018. This ban will not affect the 150,000+. Technically, the ban is largely about 6,000 people. The U.S. gave security as a reason. That is laughable because IV applicants are more vetted than NIV. … Continue reading The Message in Trump’s Ban to Nigeria