The New Mitsubishi Pajero Sport

The New Mitsubishi Pajero Sport

Across the globe, innovation remains central in the competitiveness of firms. From aviation to automobile, banking to retail, and beyond, firms are devising mechanisms and processes to win in markets. In the automobile sector, we have seen new dimensions of creativity where companies are not just working to meet the needs of customers, but also to serve their expectations, and possibly their perceptions. In a highly competitive industry, like automotive, nothing else can serve, as we have come to like engines on wheels which deliver on efficiency, productivity, and comfort.

It is on this construct that Mitsubishi Motors Nigeria has unveiled the 4th generation Mitsubishi Pajero Sport SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle). But of course due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, it had to do this unveiling differently. Unlike in the past where it could have assembled customers, celebrities and commentators in the automobile sector in a place, this one happened virtually. Interestingly, it was all amazing because the ingenuity of the planners and the energy from the musical legend which kept the vibes going, made all come out perfectly.

So, to attend the SUV launch, Nigeria descended virtually on YouTube, for an unforgettable experience of learning the next big thing on automobiles. Through the bytes, anchored on the internet, customers and other stakeholders were shown the salient features of the 2020 Mitsubishi Pajero Sport SUV. More so, the company created a 360° virtual tour, enacting a 3D model of a showroom. They have said many times that good music goes with great cars, and Dj Neptunes provided a good dose to entertain guests and engage those watching from homes, offices and other places.

More so, they virtualized their showroom, making it possible that anyone could go through the showroom in Victoria Island via their laptops and mobile phones, and experience Pajero Sport from the comfort of their homes, offices, etc.  This is 3D virtualization and a real practical example of use cases of these technologies in action. Virtual reality (VR) and many technologies went into that.

The power of technology is huge and it is amazing to see some practical use cases. If you are selling cosmetics, shoes, etc, there are things you can learn from this. I like Mitsubishi Pajero Sport – I drive it whenever I travel out of the city in the U.S; Mitsubishi Pajero Sport is tough, reliable, and comfortable.

Today, no one needs to fight Lagos traffic as Mitsubishi Motors, embracing virtual reality as a means to engage with its target audience, has brought the showroom to phones, during this time of Covid-19 global paralysis.

Winning the race of the car of the future will require a lot of good engineering. Watching the videos, many of the attendees commented that the new Mitsubishi Pajero Sport is tough, reliable, and comfortable. Yes, you can see that it has been built and made for the Nigerian road as only tough cars can serve very well here.

Virtually exhibiting the vehicle, one gets a sense of a category-king vehicle which combines off-road performance and luxury on-road comfort. It is built for tough terrain and runs on 4×4 propulsion wheels. That means all the wheels are propelled, meaning that it would be hard to be trapped during rainfall on muddy roads. The vehicle also has a comfortable suspension and a powerful engine. Across most key metrics, it comes out as a new class for luxury vehicles: elegant, smooth and rugged.

The launch was anchored by Bolanle Olukanni, a celebrity TV host, which hosted  a panel discussion. The discussion provided lots of insights on the vehicle and also provided the great benefits this vehicle offers to customers. With music from the music maestro Dj Neptunes, the launch became a classic on how to connect customers in this age of social distancing and everything web.

One of the most fascinating things I liked in the video is the ability to open the tailgate (booth) automatically without using hands.  It seems they have motion sensors which detect the presence of a leg and then open the booth so that someone can load items into the car. That becomes a great feature during shopping, as most times, both hands could be occupied. When that happens, the leg goes for work. They have got new technologies in this machine.

Also coming as an irresistible new feature is the Smartphone-Linked Display Audio (SLDA). This infotainment feature is easier to see with its 8-inch display screen. The SLDA enables the driver to link his phone to the car and have access to his information including satellite navigation i.e. Google maps on touchscreen via Android Auto or Apple CarPlay apps. With this type of feature, long distance travel becomes fun as with good music, the road becomes shorter.

Virtual of the showroom

More, there are other features demoed in the virtual tour. They include an 8inch LCD coloured meter cluster, an upgrade of the Electronic Parking Brake, the Forward Collision Mitigation System, Adaptive Cruise Control, Blind Spot Warning, etc. Pajero Sport is a 3.0-litre V6 petrol engine. Largely, the SUV comes with a remarkable fuel economy and an 8-speed automatic transmission, according to explanations from the experts who examined the car.

The new Mitsubishi Pajero Sport is an All-Terrain champion, just as a Roof spoiler and shark fin antenna have also been added, with a variety of colours to choose from, explained the panelists who broke all the key features for the virtual audience.

The virtual showroom provided an opportunity for users to experience a 360-degree view of the vehicle. It elevates how brands can stay connected with customers and show off innovation even during a period of minimal physical interaction. In the virtual touch screen, you can use a mouse to experience what could have been done physically. What happened here is recasting what a typical physical showroom looks like, and bundling all into the web for laptops and phones, unbounded by any location or distance. In that case, the keyboard and mouse do what hands and legs could have done in a physical showroom.

When a car is great, it finds roads. I think Pajero Sport will find more roads in Nigeria.

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  1. This was not written by Prof as he does not write everything on this website. But there is nothing wrong showcasing innovation. This company used VR to launch a product. It is good people know the options. Tekedia writes on Google, Innoson, Facebook, Paystack, jumia, etc. The readers are global. It is myopic to turn Tekedia into a local mouterpiece. Their miniMBA has people from 30 countries. So, do not see it as a Nigerian blog. There is nothing on this post that says it is not supporting local companies.

    1. Akande – I am 100% sure that if you have a car that you do not drive Innoson. I have learnt something from this article today and thanks for your comment that took me to it. I am trying how to unveil a product. This Youtube strategy is way to go. We need to learn from those wey sabi. Innoson, Mitsubishi, etc can all teach us.


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