The Obi Cubana’s Market

The Obi Cubana’s Market

Good People, Nigerians need to understand the full meaning of tolerance and respect. While I praise ecommerce entrepreneurs, I have no interest in investing in one yet. Also, that one discusses and examines the business model of Obi Cubana does not mean I will do the same carnival he just did. 

Education is the liberation of the mind. A professor of real estate may not think that any human should live in a house that costs more than $500,000, but if the job requires examining Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s Bel Air $88 million home, that is the job.

I am a typical village boy: the Igbo proverb says that “uwa bu ahia” and a simplistic translation is that the world is a market. In other words, there is business in everything! I looked at the Obi Cubana carnival from a business viewpoint, and many people appreciated it. If you do not like it, flip and move to the next one.

But note this: Obi has elevated Cubana, and when he returns to business, he will check how the foot traffic has improved in his clubs and hotels! Like in Michael Jackson’s wake keep where the girl said it would be nice to do this type of show regularly, Cubana 2.0 has started. And before I go, I send my condolences. He truly wanted to celebrate his mother – and he has all the rights.

Sure, personally, I will not do that carnival. But that does not mean that someone who did it is wrong. My job is to find the “market” in his thinking. When I shared here how my family built a road in the village, many here said that was stupidity – doing the government’s job!  Lesson: people see things differently, and there is stupidity in ALL of us.

Tolerance and respect will make us better. One question you should focus is this: is the wealth being displayed taxed and legal? If yes, QED! If Adamu, Femi or Uche had gone to space as Richard Branson did when there are many hungry people on this earth, Nigerians would’ve hammered him. But because he is a white dude, he is a visionary! This is it: there is nothing Obi Cubana did that Hollywood does not do weekly!

Obi Cubana has built a new basis to compete, and possibly, the ascension to Cubana 2 is here. If the world is a market, he has simply expanded his “market” after the burial carnival.

The Obi Cubana’s Carnival and Nigeria’s Acres of Diamonds


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3 thoughts on “The Obi Cubana’s Market

  1. The people that colonised us did a lot of damage to our psyches, so even with the education they brought, the slave mentality and inferiority complex still persist.

    What economic models have our well educated elites propounded and advanced? But it’s cool to keep citing what Drucker said, what Smith said, because they are gospels. So our understanding of ‘morality’ and ‘ethics’ is whatever our old headmasters and feudal lords say they are, we can neither question nor expand on them.

    Marrying multiples wives is irresponsible and immoral, but it’s cool talk about divorce, you can also marry same gender, and you must tolerate and accept that. It’s all cool to take foreign drugs and vaccines, but frown and question local herbs and roots that have helped generations; the enslavement is real.

    Yes, people will tell how wrong Obi Cubana was and ‘proper’ way of displaying wealth, because anything they haven’t learned from their feudal lords must be unethical and irresponsible, after all there are lots of hungry people without food.

    It’s a waste of time educating anyone that is owned by ‘foreign’ spirits, the real sons and daughters of the soil know the meaning of originality and authenticity, they do not need lectures from strangers.

  2. I really appreciate him Mr. Obi Cubana for such and inspired words. I have learnt alot within the few conversation.
    1. Integrity
    2. Open mind
    3. Focus
    Be nice and work very hard, be diligent in all your doing.


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