Time for Corporate Nigeria To Speak On The State of the Nation

Time for Corporate Nigeria To Speak On The State of the Nation

I think it is time for Corporate Nigeria to make a comment on the state of the nation. I understand that many of us need things from the government and would not like to be misquoted. But it comes a time when a nation is under severe stress for the leaders of the private sector to speak out. In Georgia in America, sports teams and corporate America have made it clear: politicians, we are disappointed with your new voting laws. Can the bank CEOs, cement bosses, oil & gas leaders, etc tell the government to get itself in order?

Doctors on strike. Judges on strike. Polytechnics on strike. University joining. One police station off per week. This is a failing state.

Can Corporate Nigeria develop a “Contract with Nigeria” where it could articulate to hire and employ 2 million youth over two years with clear demands on what it needs from the government? We can do it by reallocating factors of production in a measurable way to bring hope to young people. It’s time – Nigeria is waiting for Corporate Nigeria as Abuja and state capitals have failed.


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One thought on “Time for Corporate Nigeria To Speak On The State of the Nation

  1. Your best post for the year, short but massive.

    We have a unique situation in Nigeria, where those with the brains don’t have the means and those with the means neither have the character nor the brains; it’s a pitiful quandary.

    Covid-19 showed up in 2020, and magically, all the big names and corporations were jostling to be seen as being kind and empathic, I found it quite disgusting. It’s no different from organising expensive funeral for someone who died of hunger or who couldn’t access medical care for common cold. Goodness is not a seasonal disposition, rather a way of life. Moral excellence is everything.

    The wise and the rich have a unique role in every society, because the fate of their compatriots are in their hands, depending on how they deploy their powers (wisdom and money) in effecting societal change.

    A press conference from Dangote making a case for the Nigeria of his dream could reverberate across the land, so how difficult is that? Same goes for all the rich and famous guys in the land. What is their position in the sorry state of Nigeria? No one knows, instead everyone chose to position as victims.

    Young people are confused, yet the guys who can turn government’s head are busy fortifying themselves.


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