Top 20 Semiconductor Sales Increase By 8% From 1H2010 To 1H2011

Intel remains the #1 IC supplier, according to a new report from IC Insights. As shown in Figure above, Intel remained firmly in control of the number one spot in the ranking.  In fact, Intel extended its lead over second-ranked Samsung by registering a 43% higher sales level than Samsung in 1H11 as compared to a 24% margin for all of 2010. Although Nvidia’s 1H11/1H10 sales increased by only 1%, it replaced Panasonic in the top 20 ranking.

In total, the top 20 semiconductor suppliers showed an 8% increase in 1H11 sales as compared to 1H10.  This growth rate is four points greater than the worldwide 1H11/1H10 semiconductor market growth rate of 4%.  Also, the to five 1H11/1H10 semiconductor sales growth rate increases were logged by non-memory suppliers.


  1. Infineon; 30% growth from continuing operations (23% using 1H10 exchange rates)
  2. Qualcomm; 29% jump due to surging smartphone IC sales 
  3. Intel; 23% increase spurred in part by its acquisition of Infineon’s wireless business
  4. TSMC; 20% growth (10% using 1H10 exchange rates)
  5. Broadcom; 18% increase from strong wireless IC sales


Of the big five memory suppliers in the top 20 ranking (i.e., Samsung, Toshiba, Hynix, Micron, and Elpida), only Samsung and Toshiba registered 1H11/1H10 growth. In total, 10 of the top 20 suppliers outperformed the total worldwide semiconductor industry 1H11/1H10 growth rate of 4%, the report concludes.

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