Transportation Startup Transtura Begins Serving Lagosians

Transportation Startup Transtura Begins Serving Lagosians

This week, Transtura begins full-scale operations – and dozens of men and women will get paychecks at the end of this month. I want to congratulate CEO Vincent Adeoba for putting the playbook together. Tekedia Capital is proud to be supporting #builders and #makers.

Transtura provides top-grade services for intra-city transportation in Lagos. We have many routes including -Adekunle Yaba to VI/Lekki,  Iyana Oworo to VI/Lekki , and Abraham Adesanya to CMS. There are many other routes, download Transtura apps on Google Android Play store.

(Vin, please let us also get our sisters into the photos; I know they run the Admin and back-office; want to see them also in the photos).

We invite you to use Transtura; we offer the following services:

  • Share Ride (smart intra-city commuting)
  • Flex Ride (smart ride with loved ones)
  • Skool Ride (ride to school)
  • Distri (distribution of goods, logistics).

Good People, your first Transtura trip is on me if you share your receipt with my team here. Offer ends Oct 30 2021 and you must submit your receipt by Oct 30, 2021. Go Transtura, always!


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