Truly Innovative. How Changamka is Improving Maternal and Child Health in Kenya

Truly Innovative. How Changamka is Improving Maternal and Child Health in Kenya

This is pretty innovative of the Kenyans. They offer a reloadable health savings card stocked in stores and basically providing a good way to improve quality of healthcare delivery in Kenya. Women save and then later on, they can use that to take care of themselves and babies. What makes this so great is just the simplicity of a card in the whole structure.


The Changamka Medical Smart Card is a product that aims to revolutionize access to and delivery of primary health care and essential drugs, through innovative use of appropriate technology. We aim to improve distribution and funding within healthcare . The card offers a treatment package at pre-contracted prices at quality assured clinics within walking distance of most neighborhoods. This includes:

  • Consultation
  • Specified Laboratory test
  • Drugs


Leveraging appropriate everyday mobile telephony technology to revolutionize the provision, delivery and financing of consistent, quality assured, affordable  healthcare to the urban and rural population that does not, at present, have access to formal healthcare plans or insurance.


Changamka partners with socially responsible medical providers to avail quality curative primary healthcare to the lower income population in a manner that does not compromise the efficacy of care. Our technology reduces the administration cost component of healthcare to an extent that enables a handsome discount to listed prices for cardholders. The pre-payment mechanism that is accessible through Safaricoms M-PESA provides a savings vehilce to low income earners.


Pursuant to MDG5, Changamka partners with credible maternal care institutions to provide a pre-payment mechanism [savings] to enable low income mothers to access quality ante-natal, maternity and post-natal care.

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